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(Almost) A miracle!

Since August 2011 I've been having a small lump on my left wrist. I don't particularly remember when did it first appear, it could have been July of 2011. I did not go to the doctor with this (many reasons) but, since I write a lot on my notebook, I made a self-diagnosis that it was a lipoma (a form of fibroma), harmless tumor. This is how it looked like in the beginning of October 2011:

For all you sceptics out there: it is definitely not a trick photo. It was made during my trip to Beskidy mountains (South of Poland). I went there with my friend who took the photos and witnessed my lump "first hand".

I've been on the Gerson diet since November 2011. This is how my wrist looks now:

There is almost no sign of lipoma, and what's left is soft to the touch (it used to be quite firm).

I'm not going to draw up any conclusions here. Use your own brains, people.
Good day.

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